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Sandro Borsa
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Prince
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Terence Stamp
"You don't hate me. You hate not being me. But if you were born me, you would have never been you. So you can take my money, my life, but you can never be me."
―Sandro Borsa[src]

Sandro Borsa was a Prince of Sicily.


A member of Sicilian royalty, Sandro was considered a fair but firm hand. He paid protection money to Don Masino Croce to keep his affairs in order, and had a non interference policy concerning the Sicilian Mafia. He was close friends with Camilla, the Duchess of Crotone.

In 1948 he was kidnapped by Salvatore Giuliano, though treated with courtesy and respect. His ransom was paid for by Don Masino. Later, Giuliano used the Prince's estate to some six chiefs of the Mafia together, as they desired to lease land from him. Borsa was not present, and the Dons were executed by Giuliano's men.

Personality and traitsEdit

"When we get outside, don't try and run."
"Actually I don't run. Not since school of course.
Terranova and Sandro Borsa[src]

Prince Borsa relaxes.

A calm, stoic and philosophical man, Borsa expressed no fear in being killed, knowing that his son would simply succeed him. Whilst being robbed by Giuliano, he even expressed a light sense of humour to his fellow captives. During his kidnap, he spent some time debating politics and life with Giuliano and even developed a strange sort of friendship with the man.

He was an asthmatic, and as such did not run, and was also a man who enjoyed his comforts, keeping a parasol to shield him from the sun and rain.

Behind the scenesEdit

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