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Santino Stracci
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"I've got things covered, give my respects to the Godfather."
―Santino Stracci[src]

Santino Stracci was an important soldato and racket boss in the Stracci family, known as one of the 'Stracci Four'.


Son of Mario Stracci, and nephew to Don Victor Stracci himself, Santino was the eldest of four brothers who were all involved in his gold and explosives rackets, Diego, Donato and Dino. He ran his operations from the Stracci Hub on the docks of New Jersey which caused a rivalry between Santino and fellow racketeer Kyle Bellini.

Also known as "Big" Santino, he was fierecely protective of his younger brothers and sent his enforcers after anyone who interferred with their rackets. However, his empire was given to the Corleone family after a hostile takeover in 1947.

Behind the scenesEdit

Santino stracci

The younger Santino.

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