Business information
Location 14th Street and Park Avenue
Proprietor Oily Hands Halon
Proprietor Weakness Threatening with Firearms
Maximum Protection $3,000
Racket Boss Cristo Stonelli
Racket Boss Weakness Using Melee Attacks
Maximum Extortion $3,000
Venue Difficulty Hard
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Cuneo

A Cuneo owned bar in New Jersey, Santo was officially owned by the aptly named Oily Hands Halon, who had been in the business for a long time. It was also home to a weapons racket owned by Cristo Stonelli, who earned the nickname 'Kneecaps Stonelli', after winning numerous fights with the local hooligans.

In 1947, the Corleone family had eliminated the Stracci's from New Jersey, and began to move north to Hell's Kitchen. During this campaign, Santo was taken down by Aldo Trapani, changing hands swiftly and with a minimum amount of violence. Halon became immensely loyal to the Corleones, and this loyalty paid of when the bar was targeted by Ronnie Tosca's thugs, who were all eliminated by Trapani.

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