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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Elena Lo Forte
Madelyn Renée Monti (voice)

Santuzza is a character in Cavalleria rusticana.


A young village girl, she is seduced by Turiddu in vengeance for his fiancee Lola running of with Alfio. Lola begins an affair with Turiddu simultaneously leading Santuzza to run to his mother Lucia for support. When Turiddu spurns her, she informs Alfio of his wife's betrayal.

Before going off to face Alfio in a duel, Turiddu has his mother promise to look after Santuzza, who faints after hearing of his death.

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Godfather Part III she is played by Elena Lo Forte with her voice dubbed by Madelyn Renée Monti.

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