Scotty's Biscotti
Business information
Location 41st Street and 8th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen
Proprietor Scotty Parmalata
Proprietor Weakness Leans
Maximum Protection $2,245
Racket Boss Sonny-Boy Granzella
Racket Boss Weakness Using Punches
Maximum Extortion 3,995
Venue Difficulty Medium
Racket Difficulty Hard
Family Barzini,Corleone

In 1945 Scotty Parmalata and Sonny-Boy Granzella is forced to pay money to the Corleones.A small bakery in Hell's Kitchen, Scotty's Biscotti was run by Bronx-born baker, Scotty Parmalata until the mid-forties, when it was taken over by Barzini diamond kingpin Sonny-Boy Granzella.

The business also had connections with Leon Grossi's explosives racket, and Grossi visted here to smooth out a failed transaction between himself and Granzella. However in 1956,Grossi was unsucessful as he was thrown into the oven.In 1945 the business was taken over by the Corleone family.

In the original version of the game Grossi is killed in Trapani's Bakery.