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Sean Devlin
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born ca. 1910
New York City, New York
Affiliation O'Donnell
Title(s) Associate
"You have my file, why don't you read it?"
―Sean Devlin[src]

Sean Devlin was an enforcer and medic in the Trapani crime family but formerly a soldato in the O'Donnell Mob.


Born to an Irish father and an Italian mother, Devlin was original employed by Patrick O'Donnell during his moving to New York City from Chicago in 1948. After the murder of O'Donnell and the Scaleri brothers, the Patrick's muscle, Devlin became a Corleone enforcer, active during the Five Families War.

However his loyalty, his Irish ancestry prevented him from becoming a made man in the family. He made his hangout in The Empire Room during the Trapani - Rosatos War in 1959.


An Irish-Italian distant and aloof, Devlin was not particularly popular amongst his peers in the family. He was also brash and didn't consider bids from Dominic Corleone.

Behind the scenesEdit

Devlin is named after the protaganist of another EA project, The Saboteur.

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