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Almeida war
Almeida war
Date: 1959
Place: Havana, Cuba and Miami, Florida
Outcome: Trapani victory:
Major Battles: Attack on the Almeida Compound
Assassination of Fidel Castro

Corleone crime family
Trapani crime family

Almeida crime family


Michael Corleone
Dominic's made men

Esteban Almeida
Ramon Valiente
Payo Saavedra
Angel de la Paz
Raul Limonta
Juan Mazon
Jaime Fesser
Pablo Benitez de Lugo
Baltasar Barreto

The Second Almeida war was the final war of the Miami conflict. The Trapanis eliminated the Cuban Almeida family, who were backed by Hyman Roth this war was started after of assassination of Fidel Castro and this war was ended after of elimination of Almeida family.

Background Edit

Hyman Roth sent Dominic to Cuba to restore the control of Cuba to the Roth syndicate in order to re-institute a meeting for the division of Cuba among the dons of the remaining families. First, Dominic had to eradicate dissidents in support of ex-president of Cuba Fulgencio Batista, gaining the new president Fidel Castro's trust. Maria Torres invited Dominic to the presidential palace for a meeting with the president, but Dominic snuck out of his hotel room and shot Fidel Castro with a sniper rifle but was only wounded. Local crime lord Esteban Almeida, a general in the Cuban Armed Forces, came out and asked who did it and once informed he announced that he was coming for Dominic and his family, in revenge for his cousin Alejandro Almeida's death at the Miami Airport scandal. Also Esteban teached killer of his cousin Alejandro is Dominic in this assassination by Hyman Roth.

War Edit


The Almeida Compound is destroyed.

Many new businesses opened up after Dominic's narrow escape from Cuban police and Almeida buttonmen, all controlled by the Almeidas. After Don Michael Corleone's trial for perjury was acquitted, Corleone sent Dominic to eliminate all the rival families remaining, including the Almeidas. Dominic did favors for several people in order to place hits on Almeida soldati, capos, underbosses, and attacked many of their businesses, during which he achieved the use of Armored Cars due to his takeover of the "Chop Shop" crime rings.

The conflict was marked by the ferocity of the two sides, with the Almeida caporegime Jaime Fesser meeting a violent end: his brains were splattered onto a casket at the Goldenrest Cemetery in Miami. The rest of the Almeidas were eliminated except for Don Esteban Almeida himself and his consigliere, Angel de la Paz.

After taking over all of the Almeida businesses, Dominic and his crew prepared to attack the Almeida Compound in Havana, Cuba. They drove into the compound, killing all of the guards and any remaining family members, before shooting Almeida clean through. In his office was a place for the bomb to be set, placed by Bill Bardi (Trapani demolitions expert), and the Trapanis escaped the structure before it blew up. The Corleones would later rebuild the resort as their primary base-of-operations in Cuba. With the family eliminated, the Corleones assumed control over all of the Havana businesses and thus conquered Cuba.

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