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Shootout at Miami Airport
Roth death
Conflict: Roth Conspiracy
Date: 1959
Place: Miami
Outcome: Corleone victory

End of Miami conflict and Roth Conspiracy


Roth syndicate



Hyman Roth


Dominic's crew

  • Airport security
  • Roth syndicate bodyguards
  • Miami-Dade Police Department


All forces

The Shootout at Miami Airport was an event during the Miami conflict.


After Dominic had eliminated all the rivals of the Trapani and Corleone families, the final target was Hyman Roth. Roth had just returned to the U.S after trying to escape to Israel as a "returning Jew" living on a pension.


After a meeting with Michael Corleone, Dominic and his crew stormed the airport. All bodyguards, security guards and police officers in their way were killed. After fighting his way through the guards, Dominic found Roth. He confronted him about why he betrayed him. Roth replied "This is the business we chose". Dominic then proceeded to kill Roth. By this time, police forces from througout the city came to the airport to hunt down Dominic and his men.

After another shootout in and around the airport, Dominic got into a car and escaped to the recently taken over Mangano Compound, where Michael Corleone, Tom Hagen and members of the Trapani family were waiting.

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