Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born late 1880s[1]
Bisacquino, Sicily, Italy
Died 1948
Affiliation Siano clan
Title(s) Don
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Aldo Ray

Don Siano was the Mafia chieftain of the town of Bisacquino, in the province of Palermo, Sicily. He was considered to be one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in Sicily in the 1940s.


Don Siano had become a legend at the age of twenty-six when he had assassinated the Mafia chief preceding him. The man had murdered Siano's father when the Don himself had been a child of twelve and Siano had waited fourteen years for his revenge. Then one day he had dropped from a tree onto the victim and his horse and, clasping the man from behind, had forced him to ride through the main street of the town.

As they rode in front of the people, Siano had slashed his victim to pieces, cutting off his nose, his lips, his ears and his genitals, and then, holding the bloody corpse in his arms, had paraded the horse in front of the victim's house. Afterward he had ruled his province with a bloody and iron hand.

He was killed by Salvatore Giuliano and his band on the estate of Prince Borsa.

Personality and traitsEdit

A true believer in the old ways, Siano was patient and methodical, but extremely vengeful and would wait for years if it meant acheiving his revenge.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the film adaptation of The Sicilian he is portrayed by Aldo Ray.

Notes and referencesEdit

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