Sicilian Goods
Business information
Location Main Street and Tillary Lane
Proprietor Donato Stracci
Proprietor Weakness Property damage
Maximum Protection $2,245
Racket Boss Enrico Gialdino
Racket Boss Weakness Grabs and strangles
Maximum Extortion $2,995
Venue Difficulty Medium
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Stracci,Corleone

In 1945 Donato Stracci and Enrico Gialdino is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Sicilian Goods in Brooklyn was run by Donato Stracci. It was one of two outlets, the other being located in New Jersey, run by Diego Stracci. Known to be a wise businessman, Stracci enlisted the help of Enrico Gialdino to help him run the family explosives racket.

The business' fortunes would turn in 1945, when the Brooklyn Arsonist targeted the store, and Stracci was forced to ask Aldo Trapani for assistance. In return, he turned over his protection money to the Corleone crime family.

Despite the elimination of the Arsonist, Sicilian Goods later caught fire, and it was only down to Trapani's intervention that Stracci's most prized possession, a vault key to Savings and Loan in Little Italy, was saved.