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Siege of the Corleone Compound
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1950
Place: Long Beach, New York
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Cuneo family


Sonny Corleone

Carmine Cuneo
Artie Manzanero *
Cuneo Capo
Cuneo Racket Boss


Corleone bodyguards

Cuneo family soldati



All forces

The Siege of the Corleone compound was a fight between Corleone and Cuneo, this bloody war that begins with the attacking Cuneo Family to the Corleone mall . The war happened 1948 in Little Italy and Hell's Kitchen.

The war happened during the mission Sonny's War.

The siege beginsEdit

"They hit us, we hit back."
―Sonny Corleone[src]

Sonny Corleone called Aldo Trapani to meeting with him and Jaggy Jovino at the compound, however when Trapani crossed the gate many cars carrying Cuneo soldiers disembarked and began to attack. The bloody battle ended with the defeat of the Cuneos. After the battle ends, Sonny sent Trapani to Lucy Mancini's apartment in Midtown to plan their next move.


When Trapani arrived at the apartment, Sonny revealed his plans to destroy the Cuneo distribution network, beginning with Caruso! in Hell's Kitchen. This eventually led to the takeover of Artie Manzanero's racket chain.

In revenge Cuneos conspired with the Straccis, Tattaglias and Barzinis to kill Sonny.

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