Previous: Corleone takeover of the Italia Warehouse
Assasination of Leon Grossi
Siege of the Italia Warehouse
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1949
Place: Little Italy, New York City
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone crime family

Stracci crime family


Aldo Trapani



Various Corleone guards

Stracci hitmen




Following the seizure of the Italia Warehouse by the Corleone family and the death of Stracci caporegime Leon Grossi, there was an unsettling cessation of hostilities between the two families.

A chance investigationEdit

In 1949, Willie Cicci sent Aldo Trapani on a routine investigation of the Italia Warehouse, somewhat concerned that it may be seized back. Trapani arrived just in time to witness a surge of Stracci trucks filled with hitmen arrive on the scene, and he began to fight them off, assisted by the Corleone guards.

After a long, violent struggle, all the Stracci attackers were killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

This favour mission only appears as downloadable content for The Godfather: The Game.

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