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Signora Clemenza
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ardell Sheridan
Deborah Ben-Eliezer (voice)
"Don't forget the cannoli!"
―Signora Clemenza[src]

Signora Clemenza was the wife of Peter Clemenza and mother of Ray Clemenza.


An Italian immigrant whose family moved to Hell's Kitchen when she was young, Signora Clemenza married Peter Clemenza during his early days as a salesman for the Genco Pura Olive Oil Company. She had several children by Clemenza, the eldest being Ray.

She was known to be incredibly partial to the cannoli cooked at Clemenza's favorite restaurant, The Albatross Grill.

Behind the scenesEdit

Signora Clemenza was portrayed by Ardell Sheridan, real-life wife of Richard S. Castellano (Clemenza). In The Godfather: The Game she was voiced by Deborah Ben-Eliezer.

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