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Signora Vitelli
Biographical Information
Gender Female

Signora Vitelli was the wife of Signor Vitelli and mother of Apollonia Vitelli.


A first generation Greek immigrant, she married her husband in the Twenties and they had three children, two sons and a daughter, Apollonia, of whom they were incredibly protective.

When Michael Corleone expressed an interest in their daughter, Signora Vitelli was on hand during the courtship to keep her daughter safe, as the young girl was innocent in the ways of the world. At the formal introduction of Michael and Apollonia in keeping with Sicilian tradition Signora Vitelli expressed her approval of Michael by telling her daughter to open the gift that Michael had presented her with. She remained on hand through the morning after the wedding, where she stayed in the bridal home to deal with any uncertainties her daughter may have had about losing her virginity.

Behind the scenesEdit

The woman who played Signora Vitelli was the only local extra who had any sort of speaking role in the film. Following the film she remained in and continues to live in Savoca to this day.

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