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Silvio Clericuzio
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1946
Died 1969
Affiliation Clericuzio
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Quinn Duffy

Silvio Clericuzio was the youngest son of Don Domenico Clericuzio.


Kept out of the family business by his father, Silvio was beloved by his family and known to be able to change his father's mind. Because of this, he was called upon by his sister Rose Marie when she desired to marry Jimmy Santadio, the son of her father's hated enemy. Silvio agreed to talk to the Don and try to persuade him to give his blessing.


Unfortunately, upon leaving his sister's company, Silvio was spotted by Fonsa and Italo Santadio, Jimmy's brothers. Fearing that he was attempting to murder Jimmy, they gunned Silvio down in cold blood and fled.

Personality and traitsEdit

The fourth son of the Don, Silvio was his father's favourite. This closeness allowed him to often persuade his father to change his mind. He was also close to his sister Rose Marie whom he called Roe.

Behind the scenesEdit

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