Silvio Ferra
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1948
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ramon Bieri
"You are hundreds, and you are citizens. The law is with you!"
―Silvio Ferra[src]

Silvio Ferra was a union leader from Montelepre.


Silvio was a highly decorated soldier in the Italian Army of World War II. He had won his medals in the African campaign and then had been captured by the American Army. He had been an inmate of a prisoner of war camp in the United States where he had attended educational courses designed to make prisoners understand the democratic process. After this, he fell in love with the idea of America and would frequently advocate its democratic processes in his speeches.

Return to SicilyEdit

Silvio returned to Montelepre after the war and frequently spoke out against the tyranny of Guido Quintana and the local gentry. For this, he was made to leave the house by his father in order to protect the rest of the family. He was later murdered for supporting Salvatore Giuliano (his brother-in-law), leaving behind a wife and two children.

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