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The Sleeping With the Fishes
Luca assasination
Conflict: Sollozzo Intrigue
Date: 1945
Place: Midtown
Outcome: Draw

Corleone family



Luca's assassin
Numerous bodyguards †


Luca Brasi

All bodyguards

"I’m a little worried about this Sollozzo fellow. I want you to find out what he’s got under his fingernails. Go to the Tattaglias, and tell them you’re not too happy with our Family, and find out what you can."
Vito Corleone[src]

After turning down Virgil Sollozzo's offer, Vito Corleone became a little concerned and sent his best man, Luca Brasi, on a mission to infiltrate the Tattaglia family and find out what Sollozzo was planning.


Brasi managed to gain the attention of Bruno Tattaglia by attending his restaraunt, The Luna Bar, and making it known that he was unhappy with his lot in the Corleone family. When Tattaglia arranged for a meeting between the three, Brasi called for his protege, Aldo Trapani, and strapped on his bullet proof vest before driving to Midtown.

The FirefightEdit

"If anything happens, get outta here fast and find Monk."
―Luca Brasi[src]

Trapani waited in the nearby alleyway and watched as Brasi, Sollozzo and Tattaglia talked. He was unable to assist when a hitman whipped out a garotte wire and strangled Luca to death. However the assassin noticed him and took a shot at him. The Corleone enforcer fought his way through to the bar and eliminated the assassin, but his employers had already fled. Shocked and in tears, Trapani fled back to his safehouse and called Marty Malone, who arranged to meet him the following day.

Godfather - Sleeping with the fishes (with commentary)-008:12

Godfather - Sleeping with the fishes (with commentary)-0

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