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Sonny's War
Date: 1948 (video game)
Place: New York
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Five Families



Capo killed, Racket Boss killed, all of enforcers killed

"The plan, you wanna know the fucking plan? We drive we go in there, we find out who's supplying the joint then we burn it to the fucking ground, there's my fucking plan!"
Sonny Corleone[src]

Sonny's War was a strike led by Sonny Corleone against the Cuneo family's secret racket.


The Cuneo family made an attempt to storm the Corleone mall in 1948, but the attack was foiled by Aldo Trapani and several bodyguards. At the same time, two leading Corleone family members were killed in a drive-by. Furious, and shaking off the advice of his consigliere Tom Hagen, Sonny Corleone formulated a plan.

Caruso! carnageEdit

Meeting with Aldo Trapani at Lucy Mancini's apartment in Midtown, Sonny had him drive to Caruso! in Hell's Kitchen where they proceeded to storm the business, before encountering a Cuneo Capo in the basement. The capo informed them of a Cuneo run warehouse before allowing his boss, the Cuneo Racket Boss to escape.

Cuneo pursuitEdit

The racket boss fled to Holden Holdings in the railyard, but was pursued and cornered by the two Corleones. Following a brief interrogation, Sonny left the Boss at the mercy of Trapani. The two men then took the fight to Artie Manzanero at the West Port Warehouse.

Warehouse warEdit

Upon arriving at the warehouse, Corleone and Trapani were set upon by Manzanero's guards, and a deadly firefight ensued. Eventually, Trapani reached Manzanero, and convinced him to turn over the profits from his racket to the Corleones.


The loss of this racket chain was the deciding factor in causing the Cuneos to become complicit in the assassination of Sonny Corleone.

Behind the scenesEdit

This event is only seen in video game.

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