Sonny Corleone's gang was a small gang of stick-up artists led and founded by Sonny Corleone that was active in 1933 in New York City. The gang comprised Sonny and his closest friends. They regularly stole liquor shipments from other bootleggers, such as Mafia kingpin Giuseppe Mariposa, without the knowledge of Sonny's father, Don Vito, and often gave a cut to Luca Brasi and his outfit. This eventually led to the war between Mariposa and the Corleones. At this point the gang was incorporated into the Corleone family.

By the end of the war, the gang was in pieces, Stevie Dwyer had defected to Mariposa and been killed, Bobby Corcoran had accidentally hit Don Corleone and been killed for it while Vinnie Romero had also been killed in the crossfire, causing his brother Angelo to stop working for the family.


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