Sophia Ballazzo
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Died 1997
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Diane D'Aquila

Sophia Ballazzo was the wife of Virginio Ballazzo.



Sophia and her husband greet Joseph and Cross De Lena.

A loving and devoted wife, Sophia and her husband chose to have children late, looking after their daughter, Ceil and two sons into their middle age. Sophia was present at the baptism of Cross De Lena and Dante Clericuzio, and became something of an aunt to the former, often making him dinner and chaperoning his dates with Ceil.


"Take me... spare my wife."
―Virginio Ballazzo[src]

When Virginio testified and broke the Omertà, he and Sophia were about to enter the witness protection program. However, their car was stopped by men working for Dante Clericuzio who had Sophia shot before revealing his identity to Virginio and killing him too.

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