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NYPD Police Officer
Biographical Information
Aliases Stanley
Gender Male
Born 1921
Died 1948
Title(s) Police officer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
Ralph Peduto (voice)

This man was the police officer who guarded Vito Corleone with his elder brother called Ollie, who always worked with him. he is also known as Stanley.


He also was working for his elder brother corrupt police corporal Ollie. After being dealt with the crushing blow of the death of corrupt police sergant Joe Galtosino, later Mark McCluskey, Stanley worked for Ollie again but Ollie went to work for the equally corrupt police sergant Christopher Ferriera. Christopher Ferriera and Stanley and Ollie are beating criminal but before Aldo shot Ollie's head from Ollie's back later Stanley turned his back and take his gun but Aldo shot his face.

Behind the scenes Edit

if you seen Christopher Ferriera and his two cop was beating criminal and one of two cop is Stanley other cop is Ollie Stanley using Pistol and Ollie using Long Barrel Shotgun.

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