Steven Ciccoricco
Steven Ciccoricco
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Roth syndicate
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ralph Peduto (voice)

Steven Ciccoricco was an soldato in Hyman Roth's organization.


A long-time soldato of Hyman Roth, he was present at the meeting for Hyman Roth's birthday along with Dominic, Michael Corleone, Fredo Corleone, Aldo Trapani, Rico Granados, Samuele Mangano, Esteban Almeida, and Alejandro Almeida. Ciccoricco was sent to infiltrate the Granados family in 1959 after relations between Roth and Granados reached breaking point. He was ultimately discovered whilst investigating their smuggling rackets and held hostage.

Ciccoricco was about to be executed by Granados' men when he was rescued by Dominic Corleone, newly arrived from New York. His fate after Hyman Roth's execution is unknown, he presumably went into hiding or was arrested by the authorites for the crimes he did.

Behind the scenesEdit

He is voiced by Ralph Peduto.