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This article is about the criminal organisation. You may be looking for the bloodline.
Stracci crime family
In: New York City
Founded by: Anthony Stracci/Victor Stracci
Years active: 1920s-present
Territory: Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn[1] in NYC. Other territories are New Jersey and Miami.
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American
Membership: Around 100 made men, unknown number of associates
Criminal activities: (labor) racketeering, conspiracy, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, contract killing, money laundering, extortion, murder, loan-sharking, fraud, bribery, fencing, hijacking, smuggling and skimming
Allies: Cuneo, Corleone, Barzini, Tattaglia, Greco and DiMeo crime families, and the Bocchicchio and Indelicato clans
Rivals: various street gang in NYC and New Jersey, sometimes its allies
"Never try to match wits with a Stracci when death's on the line."
―Plinio Ottaviano[src]

The Stracci crime family is one of New York's Five Families, although operating mainly in New Jersey, besides Staten Island.




Don Victor Stracci.

The Stracci family was founded by Anthony Stracci and his brother Mario at the end of 1920s. It was consolided his position in the mid-1930s, with the fall of the Maranzano, Mariposa and LaConti crime families and the birth of the Commission and the Five Families. They set up a legitimate business front in New Jersey, all the while pulling the strings and gradually gaining influence in New York City.

Business wise, the Stracci family had a fleet of freight hauling trucks. They also had enough political influence to allow their trucks to travel overloaded, which damaged the highways. However, the Straccis also owned road repair businesses which had exclusive government contracts, leading one business to create work for another. Due to Don Stracci's old fashioned nature, they had little involvement in prostitution, but due to their control of the docks in New Jersey and Manhattan, they had an important role in the distribution of narcotics.

The Stracci family ran the gambling in New Jersey and had illegal casino's in the Jersey Palisades. They also controlled the Democratic political machine in the Jersey state and the linen service and waste removal in Atlantic City. As the Stracci family's powerbase was in New Jersey, which was less prestigious and lucrative, they were considered the least powerful of the New York families, but the most well disposed.

In the novel

In the novel, the boss of Stracci family is named Anthony "Black Tony" Stracci.

The Stracci crime family was modest active during the Five Families War (1946-1948), but at the end of this, it's reduced at the most less of the families of New York City.[2] Anthony Stracci was present in the 1948 Mafia meeting, for negotiate a peace between Vito Corleone and Philip Tattaglia.

After the death of Vito in 1955 and the consolidation of Michael Corleone as boss, the Straccis take advantage of the Corleones' rivals murders (Philip Tattaglia, Emilio Barzini, Moe Greene, Carlo Rizzi and Fabrizio) for increase its influence in NYC, mainly Brooklyn and Manhattan, as the Cuneos.[3]

In the 1963, Anthony Stracci and Frank Greco from Philadelphia helped Nick Geraci to make a coup d'état in to Corleone crime family, against Michael. But Stracci and Greco, understand that their scheme is impossible to realize, and informs Michael of the Geraci's plain.[4]

Anthony Stracci is probably arrested after the meeting organized by Ottilio Cuneo for officialise the Michael's ritire.

In the film

In the film, the boss of Stracci family is named Victor Stracci. In 1948, Victor Stracci search of negotiate a peace between Vito Corleone and Philip Tattaglia.[5]

In 1955, Don Stracci was executed by Peter Clemenza while he was on the way to a negotiation. After Victor Stracci's death, the new Don sued for peace with the Corleone family.

Victor's successor was probably killed during the Atlantic City Massacre in 1979.

Historical leadership


Boss (official and acting)





Stracci family structure (1920s-1955)

 Don Victor/Anthony Stracci 

 Underboss Mario Stracci

 Consigliere Elio Nunziato

 Caporegime Stracci family capo

 Soldato Unknown

 Associate Frank Greco

 Associate Cesare Indelicato

In the video game

In The Godfather: The Game, the Straccis control New Jersey, but also own some businesses in Hell's Kitchen, the home of their ally, the Cuneo family. Their family was dealt a great blow with the death of Don Victor Stracci, but were only finally crushed when the Stracci Compound was blown up following the don's death.

Family structure in the video game

 Don Victor Stracci 

 Underboss Salvatore Stracci

 Consigliere Jack Fontana

 Caporegime Oscar Zavarelle

 Soldato Plinio Ottaviano

 Caporegime Michael Costa

 Soldato Kyle Bellini


The Stracci crime family could be based on the Colombo and DeCavalcante crime families. As the Colombo family, the Stracci family is the youngest and less powerful of the Five Families, related mainly to the Cuneo crime family (similar to the Colombo-Magaddino partnership); as the DeCavalcante family, the Stracci family is very active and influential in the New Jersey, especially on the Hudson River's docks. Also, Anthony/Victor Stracci is described as entrepreneur and a devoted and prude catholics, that refuse the prostitution, similar to Colombo first boss Joe Profaci.


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