This article is about Street Sweeper (first game). You may be looking for Street Sweeper (second game).
Street Sweeper (first game)
Weapon Information
Featured InThe Godfather: The Game
AvailableNew Jersey
Price$450,000 (PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC)
$350,000 (Xbox 360, WII, PS3)
Ammo Count100
Level OneLong Barrel Shotgun
Level TwoDouble Barrel Shotgun
Level ThreeStreet Sweeper
Level FourLupara Semi-Automatic

The Street Sweeper was an incredibly powerful shotgun favoured by high ranking mobsters during the Five Families War. It could be purchased from a black market salesman who made his hangout in the railyards of New Jersey, just north of the Stracci Compound or from the sewers beneath the Little Italy Industrial Park.

It could be further upgraded to the Lupara Semi-Automatic.

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