Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Corleone, Sicily, Italy
Died 1922
Affiliation Don Ciccio's clan
Title(s) Enforcer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Andrea Maugeri

Strollo was a bodyguard of Don Ciccio, who operated with his friend Mosca.


Strollo was good friends with Mosca, a fellow Sicilian from Corleone. In 1901, Strollo was one of the men who executed Antonio Andolini for an insult against his Don, and later helped kill Paolo Andolini, who had sworn a vendetta against Don Ciccio. Strollo later witnessed the death of Signora Andolini, after she threatened Don Ciccio with a knife, allowing her son to escape before being disposed of by Mosca's lupara.

The two men then walked through the village, promising a reward to anyone who turned over Vito Andolini to Don Ciccio. Vito escaped despite this incident.

Vito's revengeEdit

Vito kills Strollo

Vito kills Strollo.

Many years later, Strollo ceased to work for Don Ciccio and became a fisherman. In 1922, he was discovered by a young man who asked him if he was Strollo, a former employee of Don Ciccio of Corleone. Strollo confirmed this, and the young man, revealing himself as Vito Andolini, clubbed Strollo with an oar, killing him.

Unbeknown to Strollo, his friend Mosca had been killed earlier in the day, and the following day, Don Ciccio himself would follow them.

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