Stromboli Supplies
Business information
Location Galvin Street and 11th Avenue
Proprietor Joel Stromboli
Family Corleone family

Owned by Joel Stromboli, this business used to deal in circus supplies and receives deliveries from the local rail yards. It also was known to have prize-fighters waiting around for a challenger.

Sonny Corleone was known to frequent Stromboli's, where he often took victims for interrogation during times of war. He once took a Tattaglia Capo here following the death of Frankie Malone, in order to gain information about the wherabouts of her murderer, Bruno Tattaglia. Despite brutal interrogation from Aldo Trapani, the Capo refused to buckle, and was eventually thrown off the building. Sonny had intended his death all along, to draw the Tattaglias out for his funeral.

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