Suzie Boccino
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Barzini
Title(s) Florist
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Cynthia Marcucci (voice, The Godfather: The Game)
"You pay the money, the Corleones protect you, capiche?"
"I understand, I'll pay.
Aldo Trapani and Suzie Boccino[src]

Suzie Boccino was a flowershop owner.


Girlfriend of Raphael Rulandi, Suzie was bought a flowershop by her beau in the Forties with profits he made from extorting Toben Greenwood. Suzie proved to be a capable businesswoman, although Raphael still has several men from the Barzini family keep an eye on her.

In the early Fifties, she was made to pay her due to Aldo Trapani. Rulandi's own business at The Peak soon followed.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Cynthia Marcucci.

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