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The title of this article is a nickname.
Tattaglia Underboss
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1893
Died 1950 (player's choice)
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Underboss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Jarion Monroe (voice)
"I must make my peace with God. Then, you let me die."
Tattaglia Underboss[src]

This man was underboss for the Tattaglia family, possibly succeeding John Tattaglia, though it is possible they worked side-by-side.


"It's not my Family you want, we are too weak. We carry the guns to battle but do not pull the trigger. That is the job of The Wolf, Don Barzini. Life is but fleeting, forgive me my sins."
Tattaglia Underboss[src]

A veteran of numerous mob wars and a chidhoodfriend of Carmine Tattaglia, he rose to the position of underboss following the death of Bruno Tattaglia.

In 1948, the underboss was attacked at The Tunnel Club by Aldo Trapani who was seeking leads about the death of Sonny Corleone. After pressure was put on his young girlfriend, he revealed that the Tattaglias were under the thumb of Emilio Barzini. The Tunnel Club was taken over by Trapani just a short while after.

Personality and traitsEdit

A cold-hearted veteran and master planner, he had been an associate of the Tattaglias since the beginning. He was known to be virtually unbreakable in an interrogation but was deeply committed to his mistress and would break if she was threatened.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Jarion Monroe.
  • His fate can be decided by the player.
  • Acording of some of his quotes he appears to take mercy to his enemies, as he says "live is but fleeting, forgive me my sins" and he also never attacks Trapani, showing he is a man that doesn't like violence.
  • It can also be seen that he is a religious man according to his quotes.

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