Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Montelepre, Sicily, Italy
Affiliation Salvatore Giuliano's band
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Derrick Branche

Terranova was a member of Salvatore Giuliano's band.


Once a hard-working farmer, Terranova had turned to banditry when two tax collectors attempted seize his prized pig. He operated in the hills of Montelepre, Terranova was captured by the Sicilian Army and placed in the barracks at Bellampo alongside fellow bandit Passatempo. In 1943 he was rescued by Salvatore Giuliano and joined his band.

Serving GiulianoEdit

After being freed, Terranova was allowed to continuing operating his own group, but his men would ultimately fall under Giuliano's command and would not launch any money making expedition without prior approval.

Terranova was trusted with several important tasks such as escorting Giuliano's father to safety and guarding the hostage Prince Ollorto. Though his fellow lieutenants Gaspare Pisciotta and Passatempo betrayed Giuliano, Terranova remained loyal.

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Sicilian he is played by Derrick Branche.

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