Thai Yu
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation New York Tong
Title(s) Dragon Head (boss)
"I’ve come to propose a deal. Our ‘Social Club’ has certain interests in the city and an alliance with your organization is the fastest way for us to achieve them. Let us use your resources and we will help make you the most powerful boss in the city. Accept our offer and our unique expertise will be yours. Reject our offer and well... I’m sure that some of your more business minded rivals would accept."
―Thai Yu[src]

Thai Yu was the boss of Chinatown.


Taking charge of Chinatown in the late Twenties, Thai Yu began to negotiate with the Five Families during the Pacification of New York in order to protect her neighbourhood and gain a greater amount of success in the business world.

Personality and traitsEdit

Intelligent and ruthless, Yu knew that she could not survive on her own without powerful allies, but also that her influence could be incredibly useful to the right people, who she was keen to make pay for it.

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