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The Albatross Grill
Business information
Location 42nd Street and 9th Avenue
Proprietor Nicky Corleone
Family Corleone

The Albatross Grill was a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen run by Nicky Corleone, a cousin of Vito Corleone from Sicily. It was often used as a meeting place for family members and plans were often co-ordinated here, though it became more noted for it's famous cannoli it's chef was known to specialise in.

In 1946, Peter Clemenza arrived here prior to the raid on The Roost, in order to secure some cannoli and formulate his plan. During this visit, his enforcer Aldo Trapani rescued the chef from the Tattaglia family's goons.

Later, in the fifties, Clemenza and Trapani returned here to plan a raid on the Cuneo family's train bound for Kansas City.

The alley behind the Grill is where black market ammunition dealer Arturo Lucci hangs out.

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