In 1945 Baron Reisenberger and Carmine Barzini is forced to pay money to the Corleones.

The Colonial Club
Business information
Location 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue
Proprietor Baron Reisenberger
Proprietor Weakness Using Firearms
Maximum Protection $3,745
Racket Boss Carmine Barzini
Racket Boss Weakness Leans
Maximum Extortion $3,995
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Racket Difficulty Very Hard
Family Barzini,Corleone

The Barzini family's social club of choice, it was run by Baron Reisenberger, and was known to be a hot dancing joint, favoured by the wealthy and influential of Midtown. However, the nightclub was only a front for the Barzini family's wheeling and dealing, specifically their exotic car business, owned by Carmine Barzini, the Don's cousin's son.

During the winter of 1945, the Colonial Club was taken over by the Corleone family.