This article is about the Little Italy club. You may be looking for the Harlem nightclub.
The Continental
Business information
Location Canal Street and Broadway
Proprietor Fizz Astaire
Proprietor Weakness Using firearms
Maximum Protection $2,245
Venue Difficulty Medium
Family Cuneo

The Continental was a social club runned by Fizz Astaire and the Cuneo crime family in Little Italy. They had such a high opinion of the business that they refused to run any rackets out of it. It was seen as a neutral ground, as such even rival family enforcer Johnny Trapani considered it one of his favourite nightspots.

Aldo Trapani confronted Astaire at sometime in 1946 and convinced him to pay protection money to the Corleone crime family. In the 1950s, the Corleones allowed one of their most trusted associates to sell the 'Black Widow' revolver here for $300,000 dollars.