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Tom is Still Missing
The Don Is Dead
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Conflict: Sollozzo Intrigue
Date: 1945
Place: Little Italy
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family



Donnie Marinelli
Mikey Saleri
Numerous bodyguards



Camel Hair
Tattaglia Capo
All rival bodyguards

"What happened?"
"It was a hit. I think the Don is dead...
Frankie Malone and Aldo Trapani[src]

After Vito Corleone turned down Virgil Sollozzo's offer for a partnership, Sollozzo knew that he had to eliminate Corleone, his main obstacle in New York City, especially since the Don's heir, Sonny, had expressed interest in making a deal.

The preparationEdit

Sollozzo instinctively knew his biggest obstacle would be Luca Brasi, Corleone's formidable enforcer, and so he had the man garrotted in The Luna Bar. He also bribed Corleone's driver and bodyguard, Paulie Gatto, to call in sick.

The strikeEdit

When Don Vito was driven to his office on Mott Street by his son Fredo, the plan was put into action. Arranged by Tattaglia capos, Camel Hair and his partner, Mikey Saleri and Donnie Marinelli too shots at the Don, hitting him several times before fleeing the scene. A number of bodyguards then moved in on the location, determined to finish Corleone off.

Trapani's interventionEdit

At this time, Aldo Trapani, protege to Luca Brasi, was reporting to his associate Marty Malone of Brasi's death at DeMantagna's barber shop across the street. The bullets took down Malone and Dino DeMantagna, who both received non-fatal injuries. Malone urged Trapani to protect his sister Frankie, who had been unfortunately enough to pass by and was being held hostage by Camel Hair. Trapani eliminated the hostage taker and freed his friend's sister.

Fredo game2

Fredo asking for Aldo's help.

Rush to the hospitalEdit

Fredo Corleone, still shaken by events, urged Trapani to help him escort Vito to the hospital, acting as an armed escort for his father. The ambulance was diverted into an ambush however, and the Corleones were forced to shoot it out with the capo, killing him before ascertainig the location of consigliere Tom Hagen, who had recently gone missing.

Trapani and Fredo then drove the fading Don to the Little Italy hospital, where he was met by a full team of doctors and an armed escort, led by Sonny.

Godfather - Don is Dead (with commentary)-009:47

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