The Full Moon
Business information
Location Adams Street and Front Street
Proprietor Kian Jameson
Proprietor Weakness Using Firearms/Performing Favour
Maximum Protection $1, 500
Racket Boss Benny Blazes
Racket Boss Weakness Punches
Maximum Extortion $2,000
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Tattaglia

The Full Moon was a nightclub and bar in Brooklyn owned by the Irish Kian Jameson. Due to the club's location, Jameson was obliged to let out space to the Tattaglia family, who ran a liquor racket in the basement, headed by Benny Blazes.

Jameson finally shook off Tattaglia control in 1946, when he gave his cut of the clubs earnings to Aldo Trapani in exchange for destroying a truck that blocked the back door of the club.

A black-market salesman who sold the incredibly rare Hertzstopper pistol was known to operate here.

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