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Frank Pentangeli

Frank 'Frankie Five Angels' or 'Frankie Pants' Pentangeli was a caporegime in the Corleone family. He was an old associate and friend of Vito Corleone, having worked with him in the early days of the olive oil business. He ran the family operations in New York when Michael Corleone was in Nevada.

Pentangeli was born in Partinico, a town in the Province of Palermo, Sicily. He immigrated to New York, United States, where he became good friends with Peter Clemenza. He had an Italian wife and children, as well as a mistress, whose children he sent to live in Sicily with his brother Vincenzo.

In the 1930s, Pentangeli integrated himself with Giuseppe Mariposa, the Sicilian warlord who felt he controlled the streets of New York. Pentangeli continually reported back to Clemenza what Mariposa was planning, keeping the Corleones one step ahead of the game.

However, Mariposa grew suspicious of Pentangeli, and Vito Corleone, fearful for his friends safety, brought Pentangeli under his protection as they prepared for war with Mariposa.

After Clemenza's death, Pentangeli took over the Clemenza regime, and headed the Corleone family's operations in New York while Michael and Fredo Corleone were in Las Vegas. He also moved into the old Corleone estate on Long Island.

In 1958, Pentangeli approached Michael to ask for his help in eliminating the Rosato Brothers, his rivals in New York, who claimed to have been promised territories by Clemenza prior to his death, but Michael refused. He ordered Pentangeli to do nothing, as he did not want a war to interfere with an upcoming deal with Hyman Roth, who supported the Rosato Brothers. Pentangeli took this as an insult and left in anger. Later that night, Michael narrowly escaped an assassination attempt at his home.

Suspecting that Hyman Roth was behind the assassination attempt, Michael met with Pentangeli and asked him to help take his revenge. Pentangeli agreed, promising to end his feud with the Rosato Brothers and giving the impression that Michael supported their claim, so as to give Roth the impression that Michael did not know he was conspiring against him.

Back in New York, Frank arranged a meeting with the Rosato Brothers to make a new deal with them. However the deal was a set up and Tony Rosato himself, garroted Pentangeli, claiming to have been sent by Michael. He only survived due his own screams, which alerted a nearby police officer. (Read more...)Archive
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