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Aldo Trapani

Aldo Trapani was the Don of the Trapani crime family. He was born in Little Italy in 1924 to Serafina Trapani and Johnny Trapani. Johnny was a soldier in the Corleone family and for an associate he was very respected but feared among the other Five Families. At 12 years old he witnessed his father's assassination by Barzini thugs under the command of Don Emilio Barzini in 1936. He was comforted by Vito Corleone, who promised Aldo that one day he would get his revenge. Sometime after his father's death, his mother moved to Hell's Kitchen, where Aldo grew up with future Chief of police Ken Jameson. Vito made sure that Aldo and his mother were provided for, as Johnny had always been loyal to him. He also served in the army during World War II.

By 1945, a now 21 year old Trapani had eventually fallen in with the wrong crowd; he joined a gang that stole and Aldo became a get-away driver for the gang. His mother begged Don Corleone to help her son. Corleone's enforcer Luca Brasi was dispatched and rescued Aldo who was getting beat up in an alley over money problems with the gang.

The next day, Brasi met up with Aldo and discussed about a family racket problem with butcher Emilio Brunetti. Aldo took care of it and was proven reliable to Luca Brasi. Luca sent him to meet two other up and comers in the family, Paulie Gatto and Marty Malone, and he helped them carry out the task of avenging the beating of Amerigo Bonasera's daughter Maria. (Read more...)Archive
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