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The Silent Witness
Conflict: The Five Families War
Place: Stromboli Supplies
Tito Morelli's
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Tattaglia family



All forces

The Silent Witness involved Aldo Trapani gaining revenge on Bruno Tattaglia for the murder of his girlfriend Frankie Malone. It was orchestrated by Sonny Corleone.


Strongarming at StrombolisEdit

Following Frankie Malone's death, Santino Corleone summoned Aldo Trapani to Stromboli Supplies to interrogate a Tattaglia Capo for the location of Bruno Tattaglia, who had since gone into hiding. The capo refused to divulge information, after which Sonny revealed his true motives by throwing him out of the side door. The capo would then be cremated by Tito Morelli, and Bruno would be sure to attend the service.

A violent undertakingEdit

Upon the day of the cremation, Aldo Trapani arrived at Tito Morelli's where he promptly opened fire on Tattaglia's men, and a firefight ensued, during which time several mourners were caught in the crossfire. Unable to find Bruno, Trapani descended downstairs to the cremation ovens, only to be greeted by Bruno Tattaglia, his caporegime Massimo, and a vicious right-hook.

Burning BrunoEdit

After knocking Trapani to the ground, Tattaglia took over behind his two bodyguards, who Trapani soon dispatched. After a brief fight, Bruno was disabled and dragged over to the cremation oven, where he was swiftly immolated, all the while jeering at his murderer.

Behind the scenesEdit

This event is only seen in video game.

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