The Uzzano Brothers were three brothers who were members of the Trapani Family.

Biography Edit

The Uzzano's were three members of the Corleone's who worked for Dominic. They are Alvin the oldest, Bernard the middle, and Walter the youngest. The Uzzano brothers first gained an interest in medicine through there mother who was a nurse. The Uzzano Brothers are the sons of former Corleone soldier and hit man Anthony Uzzano. Anthony was a soldier in Clemenza's Regime during the olive oil war but died shortly after the war due to a liver disorder caused from drinking. The older two brothers were known as feared enforcers and often were called in to do hits on rival mafioso. Alvin and Bernard were both extremely skilled soldiers both being medics and each possessing a second skill. Although Walter lacked first aid skill he was a deadly fighter and brutal soldier in Dominic's army. All three brothers loyally served the Corleone's and were favorites among there peers and superiors.

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