Tino Bondsagna
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Associate
"You Corleone rat bastard!"
―Tino Bondsagna[src]

Santino 'Tino' Bondsagna was a Stracci family pimp and associate.


A small man with delusions of grandeur, Tino Bondsagna was sent from New Jersey to Midtown to get him out of the Stracci family's way. This was largely because of his overbearing personality and unfriendly nature. He was also involved in prostitiution, which alienated him from the Don.

Tino set up base in a brothel housed in Flowers of Scotland, which was a flower shop at the time, run by Scottie Harris. Tino took over, and continued to rule over his small kingdom until his buying out by Aldo Trapani in 1953.

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