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Tom Wilson
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"I accept your offer, tell the Corleones my loyalty is theres."
Tom Wilson[src]

"Tammany" Tom Wilson was a tough enforcer in the pay of the Cuneo family.


Tom Wilson was a soldato made his bones under Mikey Perroni, and was tipped to become his succesor as caporegime. However, when Perroni was gunned down at Hawk's Steakhouse in 1943, Wilson was defeated his rival Hawkeye Howe but Wilson was defeated by his other rival Ronnie Tosca and became 2nd in war and stay soldato again. Wilson's rival Ronnie Tosca achieved the position instead and became 1st in war, and put Wilson in charge of the racket where Perroni had died.

Despite this, Wilson carried out his duty with professionalism, and owned one of the toughest spots in the Cuneo empire until he was bought out by Aldo Trapani.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tom wilson

The younger Tom Wilson model.

  • It is not known what Wilson's nickname signifies, although there is both a political organisation and music hall on the Lower East Side called Tammany.
  • His character model is the same as Enzo Cuneo and Santino Stracci. He also wears the same outfit as Cuneo Family Racket boss. He gains a younger appearance in the updated game.

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