Tony Rosato's Compound
Business information
Location Astoria, New York
Proprietor Tony Rosato
Racket Boss Tony Rosato
Family Tony Rosato's family

The Tony Rosato's Compound served as a home to Tony Rosato and a meeting place between him and his family members in New York. Ironically, Tony had no rackets or businesses in New York, but in Florida he did.

Dominic had already taken over all of Rosato's rackets and businesses in Florida which forced Tony to flee to his compound in Murphy Heights. After which time, Dominic began to assault the compound with his crew. Rosato personally came out of the building to defend his compound. Tony was killed while defending his compound and Dominic had the compound blown up. After the compound was rebuilt, it became property of Dominic's family.



The Compound is destroyed.

The compound consisted of one large building with a locked front entrance, which had snipers posted on the balcony above during times of mob war. There was a side wall next to a large propane tanker on the right of the building, which was blown up by Dominic Corleone during his attack, destroying the wall and opening access to the rear of the compound.

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