Joining the familyEdit

Marco Cuneo

Aldo attacks Marco Cuneo.

"My name is Luca Brasi and I've been looking for you."
Luca Brasi[src]

By 1945, a now 21 year old Trapani had eventually fallen in with the wrong crowd, he joined a gang and started harassing people, and his mother begged Don Vito Corleone to help her son. Corleone's enforcer Luca Brasi was dispatched and rescued Aldo from a street gang, as well as taught the young man to fight and shoot. Later, Trapani witnessed Brasi's assasination at the hands of Bruno Tattaglia and Virgil Sollozzo, and reported the event to Marty Malone.

Trapani later became friends with Malone, even after helping to kill Malone's boss Paulie Gatto. He also escorted the Don and Fredo Corleone to the hospital and protected the wounded Godfather from Sollozzo's hoods. It was here that he met and developed a friendship with Michael Corleone, who he later helped kill Sollozzo and his bodyguard Mark McCluskey by planting a gun in the toilet of Louis Restaurant. This friendship with Michael would help him rise through the Corleone ranks, because when Michael returned from exile, he made him one of his secret caporegimes.

The rise of TrapaniEdit

Aldo and Dominic

Aldo and his protege Dominic.

"We've given you a good living, a lot of freedom, and now it is time to offer you more. My father has suggested, and I have agreed, from today, I wish for you to stand at my right hand as my caporegime."
―Michael Corleone[src]

In vengeance for Sollozzo and other acts against the Tattaglia family, Bruno Tattaglia killed Aldo's girlfiend Frankie Malone. Aldo got furious. Then he called Frankie's brother and his close friend Monk Malone to help him. Eventually Aldo threw Bruno in the cemetery's furnace. This, and numerous raids on enemy territory, led to the death of Sonny Corleone, whom Aldo had become close friends with. Aldo avenged his friend, but was unable to continue in his war against the Barzinis as Don Vito Corleone hastily called a peace. He was however, called to assassinate his friend Monk, who was discovered to be a traitor. Another reason for Aldo's rapid acceleration through the Corleone ranks, was because he was an efficient killer. He performed many brutal executions for the Corleone family. He is believed to have killed every caporegime, underboss, and consigliere from each family. He only once fell out of favour with the Corleones, after taking several hit missions from the corrupt police Sergeant Chris Ferriera. Aldo soon gained respect back, and he aided in the killings of the rival families.

Aldo then rose to become underboss, and later, after he took over the rest of New York, he became the new Don of the Corleone family's New York branch. Then finally, when everyone in the city was paying up to him, he became the Don of New York in 1955.

Behind the scenesEdit

This event is only seen in video game.

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