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Trapani - Mangano War
Mangano war
Date: 1959
Place: Miami
Outcome: Trapani victory
Major Battles: Assault on Global storage

Corleone crime family
Trapani crime family

Mangano crime family


Michael Corleone

Samuele Mangano
Giorgio Strozzi
Provenzano Porco
Paulo Riccitello
Baldo Campi
Doffo Spini
Giovanni Corbinelli
Luchino Uliari
Jacopo Vanni
Guccio Ferrara

"It's time for you to see how we do things in the old country."
―Paulo Riccitello[src]

The Trapani - Mangano War was a major conflict between the Trapani crime family and the Mangano crime family.


A few months after the Cuban Revolution, Samuele Mangano, Don of the Mangano crime family, bought a warehouse in Miami for export of American cars into Sicily, his homeland. When he came to town, he contacted Dominic, Don of the Trapani crime family, the strongest family in Miami, to form an alliance.

Dominic agreed, but after hitmen tried to assassinate him and Fredo Corleone in his Florida safehouse Dominic began to question the alliance. Fredo Corleone was convinced that it was the Manganos who tried to kill him which led Dominic to take over Global Storage, the Manganos' only Miami business. Samuele Mangano immediately contacted Dominic, inviting him to a meeting. Dominic came to the meet, but Samuele didn't, instead he sent his consigliere, Paulo Riccitello, who told Dominic that they were going to war.

Mob warEdit


In the meantime, the Manganos underboss Giorgio Strozzi and caporegime Giovanni Corbinelli led attacks across all of Miami, seizing Trapani businesses and killing many of their guards and soldati. It was a disaster; the Manganos were now encompassing most of Miami. Fredo then convinced Dominic to go to Hyman Roth for help instead of Michael Corleone. Hyman said he would help if Dominic helped him in Cuba. Roth first wanted Dominic to kill Fidel Castro so that Fulgencio Batista could return to power which would mean that Roth could gain control of Cuba. Dominic failed to assassinate Castro, and he fled to New York City. Dominic met with Michael Corleone who, after revealing that Roth was a traitor, told him to eliminate all of the rival families before going after Roth himself. Dominic successfully re-took Miami as well as taking over Havana by destroying each rival family one by one before killing each don and seizing their compounds.

The Manganos lost the Casino Havana and the Casino Imperial to the Trapani crime family in Havana, before losing their remaining businesses in Miami. The war ended when Dominic and his men attacked the Mangano Compound, killing all of the Mangano soldati and the last of the made men. He then bombed the compound after having killed Samuele Mangano. The explosion destroyed the compound as well as the Manganos.

Aftermath Edit

While the Manganos were in fact innocent of attempting to kill Dominic (it had in fact been part of plot by Hyman Roth to gain power over Dominic) this war had left him in complete control of Miami. He gained connections, businesses and territory and the Trapani crime family became one of most powerful families on the east coast.

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