Business information
Location Las Vegas
Proprietor Meyer Klingman (before)
Al Neri (after)
Proprietor Weakness Public humiliation
Family Lakeville Road Group (formerly)
Roth syndicate (formerly)
Corleone family

The Tropigala Las Vegas is a Las Vegas hotel and casino. Built in 1957, the hotel's registered owners were two Beverly Hills attorneys, Jacob Lawrence and Allan Barclay. In reality, however, it was split between Hyman Roth and the Lakeville Road Group from Cleveland. The hotel was run by Meyer Klingman, who was later moved out by Al Neri of the Corleone family, who took over the operations.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the second draft of the screenplay the hotel is named by its real name the Tropicana. During the production of The Godfather Part II the name of the hotel was changed to Tropigala to avoid any legal issues.

Notes and referencesEdit

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