Tyler's Top Cuts
Business information
Location 44th Street and 11th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen
Proprietor Tyler Rocca
Proprietor Weakness Using Punches
Maximum Protection $1,495
Venue Difficulty Easy
Family Cuneo,Corleone

In 1945 Tyler Rocca is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Formerly a clothing outlet run by Tinker the Tailor, it changed hands after several shady business deals and the murder of the owner. Tyler Rocca later turned the business into a professional barbershop, at which point it was immmediately set upon by the Cuneo family.

In 1945, Rocca had had enough of the Cuneos and was holding out on his protection money. He asked Aldo Trapani to become his new benefactor in return for a share of the protection money. After defeating the Cuneo collection squad, Trapani agreed.

The business was later used as a headquarters for Willie Cicci as he arranged the hit on Don Cuneo.

In the original version of the game Ronnie Tosca is assinated here. In later editions he is killed in De Mantegana's.

Tyler's favour is only available in the next gen-versions.