Victor Grosser
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Union boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Tim Talbot
"You know the bank down the street? Yeah, brand new place, but the shop that built it used non-union guys for the construction and today, those fatcat fuckers ain't hiring my union guys for the maintenance contract. Well you know what happens when you hire scabs? You get shit for quality. That banks at death trap, a real public hazard, you following me?"
―Victor Grosser[src]

Victor Grosser was a Union boss in New York City.


Grosser was the boss of local 415, the NY Construction Union. When approached, Dominic was sceptical of him. However, Grosser knew that he could only solve a problem, in which his union has a problem, and as a Union Boss, he could be Dominic's asset to repair buildings after it was bombed, it was to be given unless a favor can be done:

The Liberty Bank had just been constructed, but Grosser knew that the guys who built it were not the guys from his Union, or other unions at all, now, His team was never hired for maintenance contracts. He said that if the bank was built by scabs, it was of poor quality, a death trap and a public hazard, so Dominic agreed to the favor to blow up the bank, and got his reward, the favor to repair bombed businesses.

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