Vincenzo Vaccarelli
Biographical Information
Aliases Vinnie
Gender Male
Born 1910
Died Unknown
Affiliation Luca Brasi's gang
Corleone family
Title(s) Associate

Vincenzo "Vinnie" Vaccarelli was a member of Luca Brasi's gang and one of associates of Corleone family.


Joining the gang at a young age, Vaccarelli feared Brasi, but was somewhat protected by him due to his status as his driver.

By the 1930s, Vaccarelli had become infected with the clap, which he deliberately passed on to Donnie O'Rourke which ends up blinding him. Vaccarelli was the man who drove Luca to pick up Filomena during the snow storm and take her back to the house to help deliver Luca and Kelly O'Rourke's baby.

Vaccarelli was present during the killing of Benny Amato and Joey Daniello, Vaccarelli watched while Brasi subdued both of them, tied and gagged them with towels stuffed in their mouths before leisurely hacking Amato to pieces with an axe. He also watched Daniello go through a shock convulsion and choke to death on the towel. After the death Vaccarelli placed Amato's hands in Daniellos luggage with Vito Corleone's letter to Al Capone and sent it to Capone.

He along with JoJo DiGiorgio and Paulie Attardi chased down Billy Donnelly and Rick Donnelly to a warehouse where they met their ends in the hands of Brasi.