Wayne Reisdorf
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Chief of police
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Tim Talbot (voice)
"We hauled in a serial rapist a few months back - he was preying on the girls from Luscious. But my detectives botched the evidence and Bam! Just like that, the bastards work on the street. And the worst thing is, that this cocky little shit looked me right in the eye and said he'd do it again. I can't let that happen. I want him dead."
―Wayne Residorf[src]

Wayne Reisdorf was the Chief of Police in Miami, Florida.


Reisdorf knew Dominic because the Corleones helped him while Reisdorf was in New York. As police chief, Dominic knew that he could be an asset to call of the cops by doing him a favor:

Reisdorf hauled serial rapist Eric Hartless in 1959, attempting to rape the girls at Luscious Entertainment. However his own detectives botched the evidence and Hartless was back on the streets. Reisdorf begged Dominic to kill Hartless, according to Dominic that the murder will bring police trouble at him. As a reward, Reisdorf gave Dominic police protection.

Personality and traitsEdit

A corrupt and crooked cop, Reisdorf nontheless had strong principles, hating violence against women. He also disliked being disrespected.

Behind the scenesEdit

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