West Side Willy's
Business information
Location Columbus Circle
Proprietor Willy Aguilare
Proprietor Weakness Using Firearms
Maximum Protection $3,750
Racket Boss Connie 'The Cauldron' Smith
Racket Boss Weakness Hand-to-hand strikes
Maximum Extortion $4,000
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Racket Difficulty Hard
Family Barzini

West Side Willy's was a nightclub owned by and named after former entertainer Willy Aguilare, who used his business as a front for a branch of the Barzini diamond racket run by Connie Smith. It was known to be one of the top nightspots in New York City, but among criminal circles it was also known as one of the toughest.

West Side Willy's remained under the thumb of the Barzini family until 1954, when it was attacked by the Corleone family and changed hands.

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