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Wright Wronsky
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Barzini (ties)
Title(s) Butcher
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"I ain't paying you one red cent!"
Wright Wronsky[src]

Wright Wronsky was a butcher from Brooklyn and owner of Wright Wronsky's butchery.


A tough customer from Brooklyn, Wronsky was known as a man more than capable of handling himself. In the 1940s, when the Barzinis from Midtown made an alliance with the local Tattaglias, Wronsky found his business used as a racket by Crazy Horse Vialli, a family soldato. Wronsky received a modest amount for the use of his upstairs room, and was happy to remain loyal to the Barzinis.

In 1947, when Aldo Trapani was assaulting Brooklyn, Wronsky found his business taken over by force.

Behind the scenesEdit

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